Main Office:
Wildwood Nature Center
18673 Lane Road
Fayette, Iowa 52142

Environmental Educational Program Headquarters:

Rod Marlatt- Executive Director
Nick Hatlan- Park Ranger
Dustin Schott- Park Ranger
Isaac Sedlmayr- Gilbertson Conservation Education Area
Leif White- Gilbertson Conservation Education Area
Brian Gibbs- Environmental Education Coordinator
Sue Lueder- Office Manager/Naturalist
Blake Gamm-  Roadside Vegetation Manager
Jon Saboe- Assistant Roadside Vegetation Manager
Dan Harrington- Assistant Roadside Vegetation Manager

Board Members:
Donald Bunn, Maynard
Ben Jensen, West Union
Ken McDonough, DVM, Oelwein
Eric Boehm, Wadena
Jed Siebrecht, Clermont
Fayette County Conservation Board
Gilbertson Nature Center
22850 A Ave
Elgin, Iowa 52141

    The Fayette County Conservation Board Program is divided into four separate but related areas: a county
    park system, an environmental education program, a wildlife management program, and a roadside
    management program. The parks system involves the maintenance, management and development of
    seven parks, river access's, and wildlife area's.  These area's provide facilities for outdoor recreation for
    the residents of Fayette County and others from all over. Wildwood Nature Center and Gilbertson Nature
    Center serve as the headquarters for our educational program.  Through school programs, general public
    programs, and other programs with youth and civic groups, the county naturalists hope to educated the
    citizens of Fayette County about their natural world around them.  For more information about the
    Environmental Education Program contact the Gilbertson Nature Center.

    Restoring wildlife habitat is the focus of our  wildlife management program.  Much of our works occurs on
    private land with the cooperation of local landowners.  

    All 1,135 miles of secondary road ditches are under the management of our Roadside program.  This
    program is responsible for the  of noxious weeds, reestablishment of native prairie species where possible
    and the removal of brush where needed.

    The Fayette County Conservation Board invites all questions and comments and urges everyone to visit
    our facilities or attend a board meeting.  The Conservation Board meets the first  Wednesday of each
    month at 7:00 PM at the Wildwood Nature Center.
2020 Camping Season Fee's

Gilbertson Conservation
Education Area
Gouldsburg Park
$15.00/night with electricity
$10.00/night without electricity
$10.00/night Equestrian Camping
at Gilbertson Only

Duttons's Cave Park
Twin Bridges Park
Goeken Park
$10.00/night with electricity
$5.00/night without electricity

Echo Valley State Park