Dust Control
Below you will find a list of companies that are approved to apply dust control
on Fayette County Secondary Roads.  Dust Control
prices change every
, contact the company directly if you want their current price and to
schedule services.  

Fayette County will furnish signs upon request for the applicant to use in
staking the limits of the dust treatment and maintain and shape the road prior
to each application. The treated portion of the road will not be maintained
before October 15th as long as it is in a smooth condition. If pot holes
develop, maintaining will be done using the material within the limits of the
dust treatment when moisture is present.

Iowa law specifies, “the purpose of a public highway is to serve the
traveling public”. Dust treatments after October 15th or those left
rough by residents will be scarified and maintained as a rock surface.
Fayette County ~ Dust Control
Approved Companies

Nutrien Ag Solutions (formerly CPS)             (Calcium Chloride)
P.O. Box 428        
Edgewood, IA 52042
Phone (563) 928-7056        

Dunkerton Co-Op                                        (Lignin Sulfonate)
P.O. Box 286        
Dunkerton, IA 50626         
Phone (319) 822-4291

Dust Busters – Dust Control                   (Lignin Sulfonate - Tree Sap)
26901 Ironwood Rd                                        (Magnesium Chloride)
West Union, IA 52175                                      (Split Application)
Phone (563) 379-2168 Cell Gary                 (563) 419-0928 Cell Marty

Ab Select Services LLC                            (Calcium Lignin Sulfonate)
1691 US Hwy 52, P.O. Box 178        
Calmar, IA 52132        
Phone (563) 419-3293          Fax 563-562-3454      

Lawler Welding & Spraying                    (Lignin Sulfonate)
2099 Roanoke Ave.         
Lawler, IA 52154        
Phone (563) 880-1436 Cell

Schroeder Feed & Seed Co                    (Calcium Chloride - Dry Product)
P.O. Box 139
Hawkeye, IA  52147
(563) 240-2614 Cell

Three Rivers FS Company                       (Lignin Sulfonate) best w/ less rock
1000 S. 5th St.                           (Magnesium Chloride) works best w/ more rock
Manchester, IA 52057        
Phone (888) 919-9149 or 563-927-2761
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Starting this season we will be accepting applications until May 1, 2020.  
After this date any applications that are submitted will need to pay the
$25 permit fee.  Be sure to turn in your applications to your company of
choice by their deadline to meet these new standards.
Dust Control Policy