Fayette County Historic Preservation Commission
Goals and Activities of the Fayette County Historic Preservation Commission

  1. Make Fayette County a Destination Place
  1. Develop a Civil War Memorial Safari walking/driving tour
    featuring Civil War statues and artifacts located in Fayette
  2. Research a glacial granite deposit used as a marker stone for
    the Neutral Territory located in Fremont Township.  This stone
    was used as a boundary marker and the Northern survey point
    for the first and second Black Hawk purchases.  Work to get this
    artifact on the National Register of Historic Places.  See the story
    published by the Fayette County Union here.
  3. Partner with Clayton County CLG to support the Turkey River
    Recreational Corridor and the River Bluffs Scenic Byway.  This
    partnership will promote the history of the grist mills and
    beginning of electrical generation on the Turkey River.
  4. Develop an inventory of historically significant buildings and
    objects.  Meet with appointed delegation from every community
    in the county to establish a list of potential sites to be placed on
    the National Historic Register.  Assist with the creation of historic
  1. Participate in training for commission officials in the area of survey,
    evaluation and inventory set-up.
  2. Work with State of Iowa staff for identification and evaluation of
  3. Establish a property inventory and give file copies to the State
    Historical Society.
  4. Apply for Certified Local Government grants.
  5. Develop educational programs to inform the public about training
    workshops and historic properties in Fayette County through tours,
    pamphlets, programs and events at historic properties.
  6. Identify partners to work with for historic preservation.
Commission Members

Everett Rowland
(563) 423-5154

Mary Belden
(563) 578-8745

David Grant
Tex Heyer
Donald Mundt
Donna Story
Andrew Wenthe