Fayette County Solid Waste
Management Commission
Recycling and Transfer Station
Fayette County Recycling Center

18525 Lane Road
Fayette, Iowa 52142
Fax: 563-422-6323
Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Fayette County Transfer Station
Joan Swenka, Coord.
10275 Kornhill Road
Fayette, Iowa 52142
Fax: 563-425-4155
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
2nd & 4th Saturdays 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Items that the Fayette County Recycling Center WILL and CAN NOT take:

Container Plastics:
WILL take: Place all plastic containers numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 that are placed into the
section of the roll-off.  Make sure all containers are rinse and the lids are off.  Discard plastic lids not
labeled 1 - 7, and recycle metal lids into the tin section of the roll-off.

WILL take: Recyclable metal lids placed into the tin section of the roll-off.  

CAN NOT take: Plastic carry out shopping  bags or any plastic bag.
CAN NOT take: Any salt bags, garbage bags or plastic film sheeting materials
CAN NOT take: Oil and paints.
CAN NOT take: Unclean containers.
CAN NOT take: Styrofoam and Vinyl Siding

Footwear, Cell Phones, Backpacks, Purses, Baseball Hats, Belts, and Printer Ink
Place all of these items into the plastic section of the roll-off.
Footwear needs to be tied or banded together.
Cell Phones need to be in a sealed bag.
Backpacks, Purses, Baseball Hats, Belts, and Printer Ink Cartridges can just be placed into the
plastics section of the roll-off.

Place in household garbage

ALL CORRUGATED CARDBOARD has been BANNED from the Fayette County Landfill and MUST BE
WILL take: Cardboard boxes; please empty and flatten the boxes to save space in the roll-off.
All cardboard must be clean and dry.
CAN NOT take: Styrofoam, plastic, wood or other packaging materials, please remove them from
the boxes.

Chipboard / Boxboard:
WILL take: Cereal, pop, beer, and shoe boxes; please empty and flatten the boxes to save space
in the
roll-off. All cardboard must be clean and dry.
CAN NOT take: Wax paper, Styrofoam, plastic, wood or other packaging materials, please remove
them from the boxes.

Paper: Please put all recyclable paper products into the roll-off door labeled Newspaper or Paper.

WILL take: Phone Books, Reader's Digest, TV Guides, and Newspaper Ads.

Sorted Office Paper:
WILL take: All white, colored office paper, windowed envelopes, and other mixed types of office
CAN NOT take: Gift Wrapping Paper!

WILL take: Newspapers.  Shiny newspaper ads can stay in with newspaper.

WILL take: Magazines and Catalogs.

Hardback Books:        
WILL take: Hardback Books.

WILL take: All food cans, aluminum foil, pie tins, beverages cans, pots, pans and other metal no
than 2’ by 1’; items must be rinsed and flatten. Please place them into the tin section of the roll-off.

If you have any questions on recycling please call the Recycling Center at
563 - 422 - 3712 .

Additional Things that can be Recycled:

Electronics Recycling Program
All Recyclable Electronics must be taken to the Fayette County Landfill.
In October of 2001 the Fayette County Solid Waste Management Commission implemented an
Electronics Recycling Program and
BANNED TV’s and Computer Monitors from the Fayette
County Landfill.

This program was started to provide a safer and more environmentally friendly electronics disposal
for Fayette County residents.  All electronic items have toxic components in them, which when
crushed and exposed to the elements, will leech into the ground and eventually into the
groundwater.  Some of the toxic components that can have a negative effects on people include:

1.  Lead - causes a host of nervous system ailments, high blood pressure and brain damage.
2.  Cadmium - is easily absorbed by plants growing in contaminated soil and attacks the liver and  
kidneys if digested by humans.
3.  Barium - causes heart, stomach, liver, kidney and other organ problems.
4.  Brominated flame retardant - causes heart, respiratory, and central nervous system disorders.
5.  PVC coated copper cable and plastic computer casings - when burned release toxic dioxins
and fumes, which effect skin, liver, and the immune system.
6.  Mercury - causes nervous and reproductive system disorders.
7.  Poly chlorinated biphenyl's - can taint skin, eyes, hair and body odor.

Recycling electronics is also important because of the valuable metals and components that can be
salvaged and reused, as well as the landfill space that is saved.
Thousands of pounds of electronic waste have been diverted from the Fayette County Landfill since
the program started.

There are charges to recycle TV’s, Computer Monitors, Computer Printers, Fax Machines, Copy
Machines, and Appliances.  These charges are listed below.  All other electronic equipment can
currently be recycled
at no charge.

Fayette County Transfer Station Recycling Options
**** All loads must be tarped.  $20.00 Fine for Untarped Loads.****

All residents are asked to weigh in at the scale when they enter the landfill.  The scale operator will
direct you to the proper location at the small loads facility to recycle your materials.     

Items Recycled at NO CHARGE

Scrap Metal:        
All types of metal can be recycled.  This includes pipe, sheet, and cast items made from steel,
and all alloys.

Used Oil:
All automotive oils including motor, transmission, hydraulic, and compressor oils are accepted.  
deliver the oil to the land fill in 1 to 5 gallon containers.  NO COOKING OIL IS ACCEPTED.

Used Antifreeze:
All used antifreeze is accepted.  Please deliver it in 1 to 5 gallon containers.

Lead-Acid Batteries:
Used Lead-Acid batteries are accepted.

Items Recycled WITH A CHARGE

All makes and sizes of tires are accepted.
The charge is based on the size and / or weight of each individual tire.

Car tires:  without rim $3.00    with rim $4.00* each
Light truck tires:  without rim $3.50    with rim $4.50* each.
Large truck tires:  without rim $9.00  with rim $15.00* each.
Semi: $20.00* each.

Tractor Tires
Small 1 - 75 lbs.:  $25.00* each.
Medium 76-150 lbs.:  $35.00* each.
Large 151-225 lbs.:  $45.00* each.
Extra Large 226 - 300 lbs.: $55.00* each.
Over 300 lbs. call 563-425-3037.

Air-conditioner; Furnace; Stove; Microwave; Dishwasher; Refrigerator; Freezer; Washer; Dryer;
Water Heater; and Dehumidifier are
$8.00* each.  
The charge for Water Fountains; Water Coolers; and RV Refrigerators is
$75.00* each.

TV’s and Computer Monitors:
The charge for all TV’s and Computer Monitors is $15.00* each.

Computer Printers and Fax Machines:
The charge for Computer Printers and Fax Machines range from $5.00 up to $25.00*.

Copy Machines:
The charge for Copy Machines range from $5.00 up to $25.00*.

* Prices are subject to change.

Fayette County Landfill Fee’s
For waste beyond house hold waste Fee’s.

Couch: $5.00
Chair: $4.00
Table: $4.00
Dresser: $4.00
Mattress: $4.00
Box Spring: $5.00

Any individual, business, or company that has or will be generating quantities of waste beyond the
normal house hold waste, needs to contact the Fayette County Landfill  at 563-425-3037 to set up
a Waste
Disposal Plan before bringing the waste to the Landfill.  Especially contact the Landfill if you are
wanting to dispose of asbestos or contaminated soils.

If you are currently disposing of waste directly to the landfill please call and check on your own, or
your business or companies Waste Disposal Plan.  Do this especially if you have had changes in
the types or amounts of waste being brought to the landfill.

If you, your business or company are planning on setting up in Fayette County please contact the
landfill to
set up a Waste Disposal Plan so that everyone knows what and how the waste generated will be
dealt with.

Current costs for all construction and demolition material waste:
$60.00 per Ton Minimum $6.00 for 200 lbs.
All Construction and Demolition Material Waste needs to be in 5 foot length or less.

Recycling Programs Available

“Bucket Composting”
"Fayette County Transfer Station and Landfill Power Point Program"
"Fayette County Recycling Center Tour Power Point"
“Home Made Paper, Recycled Paper, Slurry Time”
“Home Trash Survey Program”
'Recycled Media for the Birds"
"Recycling Center Tours"
“Recycling Goes to the Birds”
“Recycling Up Date”
“Worm Column Composting”
“Worm Composting”

If your civic group, youth group, school, club, business, or any other group’s interested in having one
more recycling programs presented or a tour of the Recycling Center, you may contact:
Dawn L. Amundson, Environmental Education Coordinator, Fayette County Conservation Board,
Gilbertson Nature Center, 22580 A Avenue, Elgin, Iowa 52141, 563 - 426 - 5740,


This information is current as of 6/6/2017
The transfer station is open to the public