Fayette County Recorder
The County Recorder also serves as the County Registrar
and as such has the authority to issue marriage licenses
and to register births, deaths, and marriages.

The Recorder's Office can provide copies of
Military Discharge Records on file in Fayette County.
Karen Ford, Recorder
Kristie Reierson, Deputy
Carol Ann Langreck, Clerk

Fayette County Recorder
114 North Vine Street
P.O. Box 226
West Union, IA  52175

Phone:  (563) 422-3687
Fax:  (563) 422-3739

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00
Holiday Closings

The Recorder's Office is located on
the second floor of the Courthouse.
Birth - Marriage - Death

Our office maintains the records of birth, death
and marriages that have occurred in Fayette
County. However, records of single-parent
births prior to July 1, 1995; adoptions; any
record ordered seal by a court of law; or birth,
death, and marriages between the years 1921
and 1941 are not available at the county level
and must be obtained from the Iowa
Department of Public Health.

Application for Birth Certificate

Application for Death Certificate

Application for Marriage Certificate

Commemorative Birth and Marriage
Certificates are available from the Iowa
Department of Public Health
Military Discharge Records

Original military discharge papers (DD214's)
may be recorded for a permanent record.  
Once the original document is recorded, our
office can issue certified copies of the original.

If the original DD214 Military Discharge has
been misplaced or destroyed, a certified copy
may be obtained from the National Personnel
Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  The
request form is available from our office or it
can be downloaded from the National Archives
and Records Administration at:


Effective July 1, 2003 all military personnel
records maintained by the county recorder will
be confidential records. Unless otherwise
provided by the veteran, the record shall not
be made available for examination or copying
except as follows:

  • To the veteran or the veteran's
    immediate family or to the veteran's
    agent or personal representative duly
    authorized in writing,
  • To a person requesting to examine or
    copy the record when the event that
    resulted in the record being made
    occurred more than 75 years prior to the
  • To a licensed funeral director who has
    custody of the body of the deceased
  • When ordered by a court of competent
  • When required by a department or
    agency of the federal or state
    government or a political subdivision
Marriage License

Applications for Marriage
License are available
through our office.
While Recorder's Office personnel can assist the public in using the documents on file to conduct
research, time constraints often prevent office personnel from researching telephone and email
requests for genealogy records.  Genealogy research requests can be directed to the Fayette
County Historical Society at
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