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September 10, 2020 - From the Board

The Fayette County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday,
Sept. 8, approved a resolution to seek reimbursement of
$249,122 from the Iowa Cares Act, for Covid-19 related

Initial Requests for Reimbursements (RFRs) are to
include costs incurred between March 1, and July 31,
2020 and must be submitted by Sept. 15. Receiving the
reimbursement is not automatic.

Our local government had to first seek U.S. Department
of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management
Agency (FEMA) reimbursement through the Public
Assistance program for eligible expenditures such as
PPE. Other costs, including a portion of payroll dedicated
to increased safety measures, is then eligible for
reimbursement from the State funds.

We are grateful to the County Engineer’s office for
providing expertise and time to aid us with the initial
request to the Department of Homeland Security and the
subsequent submission to the State of Iowa. There was a
short window of time to get these applications made, and
it comes at a time when Elections (and absentee balloting
requests) are at the forefront of responsibilities for the
Auditor’s office.

When State funding eligibility of $100 million ($40 million
to be shared by Iowa’s 99 counties) was announced,
counties and all Iowa municipalities were given
maximum amounts of eligibility based on the last
Estimated Census population.

Fayette County’s most recent population estimate of
19,650 results in eligibility of $249,122 or $12.68 per
capita. City eligibility is higher: $23.77 per capita. So as
one example, the city of West Union is eligible to seek
funds of $54,781.

      *        *        *

On another topic, the historic $7.2 million Summer Roads
project is nearly complete with all of the mainline HMA
paving finished, and just striping, rumble strip panels,
manholes, etc. left to complete. A re-
surfacing/shouldering/safety project of this many miles
impacting a wide variety of areas and of this cost had
never been undertaken before.

We appreciated the public being patient while they were
detoured, and while roads were temporarily closed.
By Janell Bradley
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