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Brenda Vande Voorde

Fayette County 911 Coordinator



Fayette County 911
220 N. Industrial Parkway 
PO Box 518
West Union, IA 52175





Please call or email for an appointment.


Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:00pm

Saturday & Sunday




Text to 911

Text-to-911 is available in Fayette County and in every county in Iowa. This allows

a cell phone user to contact 9-1-1 using text messaging. If your text is answered in Fayette County, but you are reporting an emergency in another county, Fayette County is capable of text transfer to the appropriate agency.

How Does 911 Work?

When 9-1-1 is dialed from your landline, those three numbers are a code to your telephone company end office to route that call to a PSAP [ Public Safety Answering Point ] so you do not need to dial a 7-digit local number or a 10-digit long distance number to reach assistance.


The call is sent to a selective router which looks at the number and delivers the call to the appropriate Dispatch Center.


The equipment at the Dispatch Center sends it to a database to find the name and address associated with the phone number and returns it to the dispatch center to display your name, address and telephone number on their computer.


All this is done prior to the call being answered, so if you dial 911 and the call is not immediately answered, don’t hang up and dial again. If you are calling from a dorm room or office your information may only include the address of the building, not the room number, office number or what floor you are on if your building is multi-level. You will need to be able to provide your exact location to the dispatcher answering the call.


If you are calling from a cell phone we are relying on the cell carrier equipment to determine your location. Don’t assume your location will be accurate; you will need to verify where you are and provide that to the Dispatcher.

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